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RPB® are specialists in the field and supply not just products but entire respiratory systems including:

RPB® Material Data Safety Sheets, , gvs-rpbdata-sheets safety technical-safety-data-sheets
RPB Safety and Protection equipment

The respiratory protection specialists.

RPB create respiratory protection solutions that you make you and your team safer, so everyone can get home at the end of each day.

Traralgon Paints stock the full RPB® armory, the world’s most advanced front-line armor for industry professionals consisting of supplied and powered air respirators, air monitoring, filtration and safety essentials, designed to advance your safety and increase your productivity.


  • Z-Link®
  • Link Accessories
  • Z4®
  • Z3™ Welder
  • Z100™ Series
  • Nova 3®
  • Nova 3® Talk™
  • L4™ Light
  • Nova 2000®
  • Nova 2000® Talk™
  • Nova 1®
  • Nova 1® Talk™
  • Astro™
  • T-Link™
  • T100™ Series
  • T150™ Series
RPB Safety and Protection equipment
RPB Safety and Protection equipment

Air monitoring filtration and supply

  • PX4 Air ® PAPR
  • GX4® Gas Monitor
  • Radex® Airline Filter
  • Radex ® Ambient Air Pump
  • Air Supply
  • C40™ Climate Control Device
  • Flow Control

Safety Essentials

  • Blast Suit
  • Safety Glasses
  • Do-rag
  • Earmuffs
  • Head Sock
  • Knee Pads
  • Leather Blasting Gloves
  • S100™ Ear Plugs