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Traralgon Paints

Automotive & Industrial Coating Specialists

About Traralgon Paints


Gippsland Paints P/L trading as Traralgon Paints has been established since 2000 in central Gippsland initially as the distributor for world-renowned paint company Jotun.

More recently adding distributor partnerships with Hempel, Wattyl and PPG Automotive.

More than just paint

Over the years, we have expanded our stock range to include powder coatings, application parts and equipment, blasting equipment and abrasives, safety equipment, accessories and consumables.

Traralgon Paints are also authorised service and warranty agents for Graco, Wagner and Titan – airless sprayers, conventional spray and fluid transfer equipment.

Experience counts

brown paint brush on white and red plaid textile

For over 20 years, Traralgon Paints has provided the products to protect property and equipment – from enterprise to industrial installations and beautiful homes.

As the region’s largest automotive and Industrial coatings specialist, we work with our extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers to provide quality solutions that solve our customers’ needs for protection in a changing environment

We also understand, today’s customers, partners and regulators alike all demand in-depth analysis, documentation and data.

This is why, whether you are a project engineer, architect, asset manager or applicator, we can provide all the information you need to know that our products perform as expected under in-service conditions.

Trusted Partner

Although we support several industries, our experience is predominantly in petrochemical, energy generation, water storage and marine.  Our focus has been to provide a proactive supply and support framework by working with Asset managers, coating manufacturers and applicators. 

Several of our current clients are Exxon Mobil, Energy Australia, AGL, Beach Energy, Qube Logistics and Gippsland Ports.  We also work closely with several large national applicators such as Wood Group Pty Ltd, UGL Limited and Veolia Environmental Services as well as many local applicators and engineering companies.

With our industry leading products and solutions, we are recognised as the trusted ‘go to’ industrial abrasives and coatings supplier across Greater Gippsland and beyond.