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DNA® Custom Paints

DNA® Custom Paints

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Traralgon Paints is proud to supply DNA® Custom Paints range of cutting edge custom paints and special effect products.

Cutting edge custom paints

DNA® Custom Paints manufacture a huge range of cutting edge custom paints and special effect products that allow you to customise whatever you like.

No matter the project you are working on, Traralgon Paints experts will guide you in the right direction when selecting the right DNA Custom Paint product.

Whether you are an amateur or professional custom painter, Traralgon Paints are here to help.

Born to customise almost anything

DNA® paints are not limited only to automotive applications. DNA® paints also have many applications such as aviation, airbrush, architectural and industrial. They can be applied to almost any surface that can be painted including plastics, glass, plaster, canvas, metals and wood.

Made in Australia

DNA® paints are developed and manufactured in Melbourne. DNA® is 100% Australian owned and operated. This makes them ideal for Australian conditions.