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Anest Iwata

Anest Iwata

Traralgon Paints stock and recommend Anest Iwata for a professional finish.

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Japanese precision and quality at its best

Anest Iwata Australia has been delivering premium quality spray equipment products to the Australian marketplace for more than 50 years.

Additionally they have been supplying high end premium quality oil free compressors for hospital, medical, dental, pharmaceutical and research laboratory applications.

Their spray equipment product range covers automotive uses; both at production and at refinish levels, for the application of decorative building coatings and for furniture spraying.

Specialty Finishes

  • Spray guns
  • Airbrush & pinstriping
  • Amaxi products
  • Air filters and regulators
  • Aerosol products
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hoses & fittings
  • Workshop compressors
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Anest Iwata Broadbent Air Compressors

  • Made in Australia
  • Japanese engineered
  • Latest Technology
  • Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Oil Free Compressors
  • Piston Compressors
  • Training and advice
  • In house service and repair expertise