Spray Painting Hints and Tips

Spray painting may look easy, but here’s a few spray painting hints and tips that will help you get the desired result and help you avoid mess and waste.

  1. Read the instructions – obvious, but worth mentioning, as each type is different.
  2. Sweep, don’t point, for an even finish.
  3. Use a large dropcloth or tarp to prevent mess or spillage onto surroundings.
  4. Use height to your advantage for easy access.
  5. Instead of your hand, use a handle.
  6. Rotate small items by using a base.
  7. Do test shots and sprays to use the spray pattern to your advantage.
  8. Start and finish smooth with primer coats.
  9. Take appropriate safety precautions at all times – wear a mask and ensure your workspace is ventilated.