ABSS Abrasive Blasting Vessels and Accessories

ABSS: Engineered Abrasive Blasting Solutions since 1989


Abrasive Blasting Service and Supplies (ABSS). Are an Australian Manufacturer of quality Shot Peening Equipment, Shot Blast Machines, Turbine Wheel Blasting Machines, Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinets, Sandblast Pots and Sand Blast Rooms.

Supplying the Abrasive Sandblasting and Shot Peening Industries, ABSS carry a large range of Sandblasting Abrasive Media including Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Glass Bead, Garnet, Ceramic, Plastic, Aluminium Oxide and Organic Blast Media. ABSS also hold a large range of accessories including Sandblast Hoses, Sandblasting Nozzles, Operator Sandblast Helmets and Abrasive Media Feed Valves.