Industrial and Marine Paints & Accessories

Traralgon Paints stock the Norglass range of marine paints and finishes, and much of their range is devoted to providing coating for boats and marine vessels.

Australian made and owned, Norglass have been used by Rosman Ferries to decorate the chartered vessels that traverse Sydney Harbour on a regular basis. A true indicator of quality, indeed!marine paints

A true marine paint starts out by sourcing the best grades of resin on the market. These are chosen for their weathering capability, flexibility and toughness…our policy is to use the best grades of resins and then blend them to maximize their values. This dedication to producing the best quality paint means…the consumer gets value for money by longevity.” (Les Baker, Managing Director, Norglass)

The Norglass range includes:

  • sealers, primer and undercoats
  • finish coats
  • clears and solvents