Household and Domestic Painting Hints and Tips

There are many and numerous guides online and in any bookstore as to how best carry out painting around the house. Here we can break down the basics so you can get started.

  • Sand, spackle and prime the room as appropriate.Painting Hints and Tips
  • Have all the necessary tools in hand (brush, drip tray, et al) before you start.
  • Stir the paint before applying – don’t paint straight from the can.
  • Make sure you’re using the type of paint that’s right for the room and the job.
  • Keep a wet edge, and always paint from dry to wet; paint along the trim, ceilings and corners, and then apply the remainder via a roller once the former has dried.
  • Long, continuous stokes are best for paint application.
  • Let the paint dry between coats, and applying more than one is a good idea.