Household / Domestic Paints

Traralgon Paints is a proud stockist of Nutech Paints, especially their Pavecoat line. As they indicate on their website:
“Recommended for a wide variety of decorative and protective concrete, Pavecoat seals and protects concrete providing a durable surface ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. Nutech Pavecoat provides an attractive finish for new and old concrete…(and) may also be custom tinted, in a choice of low sheen, semi-gloss, and high gloss finishes.”
So come into the Traralgon Paints warehouse and let Wes and the crew show you the range of Nutech Pavecoat domestic paints, available in a broad range of vibrant colours. Ask to see the Nutech Colour Selection Chart!

domestic paints

Colour palette close up